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With 15 plus combined years focus within organizations, KEYSTONE success and its partners are able to direct you to the best solutions, for enhancing your employees well-being. Resilient personnel who are engaged and focused are the result.

Our KVC App

Our Keystone Vitality Check App provides both individuals and organizations with a quick well-being scan. 20 questions form the basis of the app, with close to 2500 respondents in the benchmark. It provides the focus for an organization’s workplace wellness plan.


Top athletes need coaches to support and sustain them. Top performers in your organization are no different. Clarifying focus on issues which might be interfering with the performance of  your team or a team member, is often best done with an expert, external mentor/coach.

Training & LABs

Tailor-made or from our standard services, our full-day trainings and short, interactive LAB sessions, stimulate and motivate for results. We are especially focused on sustainable programs to ensure that change is embedded. There is no magic wand, no quick fix.

Shake-up! or Wake-up! the (work)Space

Get the most impact out of your meeting, conference or training. Many events fail to excite, engage and inspire participants, leading participants to become lethargic, from too much sitting: losing energy, focus, and interest. Shake-Up! helps you deliver positive energy, engagement and a greater learning experience.

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Shake-up! the (work) Space…

Indoors or outdoors. During an event, training or business meeting. Short or long sessions. One or multiple times during the day.

The possibilities are many for a Wake-up! or Shake-up! the (work)Space! The results the same: participants are energized, highly engaged, better able to focus and concentrate. Don’t let the ‘numb bum – numb minds’ syndrome spoil the effect of your all your efforts.

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