Keystone Vitality Check App

Our Keystone Vitality Check (KVC) App provides organizations with a simple and quick method for employees to check-in with their well-being on a regular basis. It provides the focus for an organization’s workplace wellness plan.

With 20 questions forming the basis of the app, and with over 1600 respondents in the benchmark, employees become aware of any areas in which their vitality is flagging or flourishing.

The app measures 5 ‘keystone areas’: body, mind, emotions, spirit (vision, values and purpose), as well as personal leadership.

Organizations track their employees’ well-being via their anonymous dashboard. Real-time pulsing of the results means you are ‘on-time’ to implement whatever is needed to keep your employees thriving and engaged.

Employees track their results on a personal dashboard, with a complete history of their scores and comparison with either the company’s benchmark or the total benchmark.

Your organizational dashboards provide an overview of current and past scores. The HR / Management team can use the depersonalized data to ensure employees are thriving and engaged.

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Creating awareness on what your body, mind, emotions and spirit (values, vision, purpose) need!

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