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Stress in the workplace is the number 1 occupational illness in the Netherlands. KEYSTONE success is focused on the wellbeing of your employees: creating stress resilient employees. Let’s create a workplace wellness strategy together.

Our solutions are directed at strengthening the person and the team. An increase in vitality, resiliency, and connection are the end results.


  • quickly & effectively recover from work pressure
  • recognize their energy drainers & gainers
  • develop ‘Smart’ stress management strategies
  • take responsibility for their well-being
  • better integrate their work & personal lives

What we can do for you & your organization

Our Keystone Vitality Check (KVC) App measures various elements in these areas: body, mind, emotions, spirit (values and purpose), as well as personal leadership qualities.

With 15 + years combined focus in organizations, KEYSTONE success and her partners, direct you to the best solutions for enhancing your employees well-being.

Top athletes need expert advice to support and sustain them. Employees in your organization are no different. Top results are achieved by external mentors.

Tailor-made or from our standard services, our full-day trainings and short, interactive LAB sessions, stimulate and motivate for stress resilient, engaged employees.

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Our Keystone Vitality Check App provides both individuals and organizations with a quick well-being scan. 20 questions form the basis of the app, with over 1700 respondents in the benchmark. The app measures various elements: body, mind, emotions, spirit (values and purpose), as well as personal leadership qualities.

It provides the focus for an organization’s workplace wellness plan. Real-time pulsing of the anonymous results, means you are ‘on-time’ to keep your employees thriving and engaged.

Individuals become aware of any areas in which their vitality is flagging, as well as areas in which they are flourishing. It’s free to use for individuals. A personal dashboard will make comparisons with the previous two measurements as well as with the benchmark. Click on the buttons below to download the app in either the Iphone or Android version.

Please do contact us, to find out how this unique tool can assist your HR / Management team, in providing the utmost sustainable support.

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